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Multiple monitor and multiple window management: DisplayFusion Pro

DisplayFusion Pro is a powerful application for simplifying the use of multiple monitors.Some of features I use are:
  • Setting the default window size and location for when an application starts. I use this feature for my email client, browser, Evernote (journal) and Excel (performance tracking) applications to open up in pre-determined positions on my screens so I can view all of them simultaneously without having to rearrange windows.
  • Pre-setting the location and size of windows; activating them via hotkeys or icons from the window's title bar. As per the image below, I can choose from numerous pre-sets for viewing multiple charts (or any application) all accessible via the buttons on the title bar of each window. I can change a window’s size and position for preparation analysis and select another pre-set for my preferred window size and location for live trading.

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Chart image capture software: Snagit

I have used Snagit for many years and find it the easiest tool for capturing chart images and annotating important observations onto the chart images which I find to be invaluable for self review and self coaching. I also use the "share" function for when I want to email, upload to the cloud or export to another application an edited image.

Google Drive Backup Client: Insync

Insync makes Google Drive far more powerful for syncing and backing up data. Unlike Google Drive which relies on data located in a single folder, Insync can back up and sync data from any location on the computer. This means I can backup all of my settings and history for applications.
Applications which involve constant modifications including my NinjaTrader Chart and Workspace templates, my Snagit database of captured images, my Firebox bookmarks, my Evernote database and even my password manager etc are always automatically saved to Google Drive Cloud thanks to Insync. The application runs automatically in the background syncing any changes to Google Drive and the four computers I run Insync. I just have to right click on the folder and select "add to Insync" to ensure it is included for continual syncing. I use Insync Prime for two Google Drive clouds simultaneously.

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