Live Trading Room

The live trading room provides immediate trade opportunities, plus ongoing trade management, Monday through Friday during the Asian and early European trading sessions as follows:

LocationLocal TimeTime ZoneUTC Offset
Melbourne (Australia)10:00am – 6:30pm AEDTUTC+11 hours

This is not a mere "signal service" nor a discussion of hypothetical or possible trades. The live trading room can be best described as observing a real trader making intraday trades while simultaneously commentating on the rationale for doing so, including when to specifically enter, adjust risk, scale out, exit completely, etc.

However, to offer such a unique advisory service, the room operates under an AFSL holder of which attendees must be approved clients having clearly understood all of the risks associated with financial markets trading.  These steps allow for attendees to "trade along" on their own accounts at their own discretion if they wish.  New attendees are encouraged to observe and listen for a minimum of twenty trades to develop a clear understanding of how the room functions before considering also taking trades in the room.

The room is suitable for seasoned traders who have an appreciation of the risks associated with trading in financial instruments and a healthy respect for the market which only comes with experience. This is not a service for novice traders.

To access the Live Trading Room, please make your request via the Contact Page

What to expect:

Daily Blueprint: Each trading day commences with an overall assessment of both longer term and day to day areas of agreement, current market structure and likely scenarios to build trades from throughout the day. As opportunities arise, I instruct on how to execute the trade including entry, risk management, removing risk, scaling out, re-entering etc. 

Complete Privacy: At all times, other attendees cannot see your details or that you are in the room.

Ask questions: Attendees are encouraged to ask questions that only the host can see. Responses are confidential.

Access to Professional Trading: Listen and observe how a professional trader repeatedly identifies opportunities and executes real time trades during the course of the trading session.