Acess the live trading room

Real-time trading opportunities with accompanying instructional commentary

The live trading room gives participants the opportunity to observe real-time trading including market prep, trade stalking, trade inception and most importantly; adapting to real-time changes in the market when managing open positions.
Expect up to 10 trades a day (50 trades each week).

How it works...

Research backed best trader-development practices:
Listening to the rationale behind every trade, and watching each decision play out in real time is the most effective way to develop as a trader. What other service offers you this?

Ongoing trade management:

The management of a trade doesn’t end when your entry order is filled. For the duration of the trade, the trading venue includes:
  1. when to reduce the initial risk
  2. when to remove risk completely
  3. when to take partial profits
  4. when to take complete profits
  5. how to recognise a trade failure and exit at a more favourable price than the stop-loss
  6. and when suitable, when to scale into positions

Pre-market prep:
Each day commences with “prep”, an essential pre-trading routine to determine likely price movement and target areas, and likely sharp price movements; using powerful order flow analysis and market structure. Prep creates likely scenarios to trade for the upcoming session.

Hours of operation:
The live trading room is open for a minimum of 9 hours each day, so regardless of your location, you'll find suitable times to attend.

The real deal: 
Seeing is believing. Don’t take our word for it. Click here to sign up to trial the live trading room.