Professional Training


Continual review, feedback and guidance is how you progress to become a consistent performer.

The foundation of the training includes:
  • A genuine understanding of how markets function,
  • the right tools and how to use them,
  • identifying how traders trap themselves on the wrong side of the market,
  • robust tactics to take the other side of emotion fuelled price movement. (See Role of the Trader to understand more on this concept)

Understanding how markets function and the concepts used to profit from emotion fuelled price movement are the first steps in the process of integrating this knowledge at a functional level.
The key focus of this training package is ongoing monitoring and feedback to guide you towards effectively executing a trading strategy.

Completed sample sizes of your trading are exported and loaded on my trading platform for an individualised, in-depth analysis in preparation for review via phone and remote viewing software. This process is repeated for a duration of three months.

Learning to trade is traditionally only available to those who can beat out hundreds of other applicants to get hired at a trading firm. This training removes the barrier to institutional knowledge while also  providing true personal one on one mentoring.

 Why one on one training?

The limitation of courses and webinars for traders is that a developing trader doesn’t receive feedback on where and why they are going wrong and what the solution is. One on one training is very much a boutique service, with the focus on individualised monitoring and feedback to ensure you receive specific guidance on what to change.  It’s blatantly obvious to me when I look at someone else’s trading where to make change whereas developing traders are unable to see this in their own trading, relying on trial and error and a degree of luck to work out what they need to do differently, all at great cost in time and trading account balance.

For further details please enquire via the contact page.