I hold a Diploma of Financial Planning, am ASX Derivatives Advisor levels 1 & 2 accredited and Foreign Exchange General Advice accredited, which I might add, has little to do with gaining an edge in what I call the ultimate grown-up eSport.

Having actively traded and managed wholesale client investment portfolios, I left traditional stockbroking in 2010 to pursue intra-day trading. Working with proprietary trading firms I learned how to view the market as an auction and recognise the combination of urgent exiting traders and an imbalance in demand and supply lead to price movement.

Fast forward to 2018; I am simultaneously trading and operating an ASIC regulated live trading room providing market prep and real-time trade opportunities over the course of nine hours a day, five days a week.  I also make myself available to work with up to two clients at a time providing one-on-one coaching to transfer the skillset demonstrated in the live trading room.

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