Lessons from the live room

The intent of the room is to maximise trader profitability in a focused environment.

Yesterday’s live trading highlighted the importance of avoiding trading in high-value zones.
There is no directional bias during high value, so regardless of being long or short, you can’t generate trades which skew the reward to risk in your favour.

When the price is trading at high-value, a relatively high number of buyers and sellers are agreeing to do business. As a result, price will remain in this area until business is complete.

I’m sure you’ve heard of “choppy markets” and traders being “chopped up” in such environments. Well, by observing value (see area highlighted between dotted lines), these areas can be avoided.

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So, when do you take trades?
Yesterday, we took advantage of the aggressive move to the downside by trading during a low agreement zone. Morning prep highlighted these areas so traders were primed.
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  • Real-time instruction on scaling in and out of trade sequences


March and April scorecards

The scorecard is a reminder that no single trading day or week is significant, and trading performance should be measured in meaningful sample sizes.

Last Friday and Thursday’s trading comes to mind, +3 and +21 net pips gained, see chart images below.

Disclaimer: Past performance is not an indicator of future performance

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Live Trading Room: the last 5 days

All of the trades shown below were broadcast real-time in the live trading room.  The last five days performed well above the typical win rate; however streaks are a good reminder of why as a trader you keep turning up.

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Trades from the Live Trading Room: 25–28 September

Four day week due to a public holiday Friday however over the four days, there were numerous trade opportunities which allowed for tight risk permitting sizing up of trades. Overall, another profitable week in the room.

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20180928 Thursday


Intraday trading: what it looks like

The chart below reiterates the main aspects of intraday trading:
  1. I lose pretty much as often as I win
  2. Some of my trades deviate from my own rules, self discipline is a constant work in progress
  3. I keep my losses tight and where I can, look to make a little more on the winners

Blue triangles facing east = initiate long
Blue triangles facing west = cover long
Fuchsia triangles facing east = initiate short
Fuchsia triangles facing west = cover short

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